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The Malspaw sp. z o.o. company has been established in 1991.
Since it's beginning, the company deals with the production and renovation of various wire mesh and metal containers, used in the broadly defined transport and warehousing.

In 1995, our company has been accepted to EPAL (by meeting the requirements) and assigned the number PL 055 and the SGS Controll Co.m.b.H. Herne acceptance to produce UIC 435-3 wire mesh containers.
Besides the mentioned containers, as well as others basing on the construction and dimensions, the company produces custom orders according to the documentation and needs of the client.
Apart from producing and selling ready made products we also sell components for typical products.
Currently the company employs 80 people, which ensures the monthly productivity of 3-4 thousand containers of various types.
The machines owned by us, allow us to produce nearly 80% of the components needed in the production process.
The welding is conducted with an argon shroud, and the ready products are painted using methods of immersion or spray with the use of electrostatics.
On the client's demand we electroplate or powder coat the product.
The vehicle fleet, expanded in recent years, allows us to conduct fast and timely deliveries of the ordered products, straight to the client.
We also provide transport services in the EU by cars with the capacity of 32 and 36 pallet spaces.
During the nearly 25 years of experience, our company has established business relationships with many, now regular, customers in the country and abroad.
For us, it is a confirmation of the satisfaction of our clients with the products and services provided by us.

We sincerely invite you to work with us!

We offer:

  • wire mesh containers (UIC 435-3)
  • wire mesh containers
  • sheet metal containers
  • foldable containers
  • containers with custom dimensions and construction
  • pallets and metal racks
  • components for wire mesh containers
  • container renovations
  • national and international transport